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The best Ways of Arab migration to Canada 2021

immigrate to Canada for the Arabs, Many people around the world are seeking to immigrate to Canada, where the country has many advantages that make it one of the best countries in the world to live.

The safety rate is high and crime is low in the country. Despite the large size of the country, which makes it the second-largest country in the world, but the population of Canada does not exceed about 40 million people.

 This makes many jobs vacant and the government is always looking for migrants to work in these jobs.

Trying many Arabs look for ways to travel and immigration to Canada legally, where there are many travel agencies that claim it helps a lot to accept immigration to Canada.

in the fact that most of these agents swindlers and their goal to collect the largest number of money only.

immigrate to Canada for the Arabs 2021

Canada will increase the number of immigrants in the coming years to 350,000 immigrants a year instead of 300,000 immigrants, Canadian Immigration Ministry spokesperson announced.

 The proportion of Arab immigrants from North African countries (Morocco and Algeria) will also increase.

 The number of immigrants from these countries is about 100,000 immigrants annually.

 There are also cities like Quebec that prefer to accept large numbers of immigrants from the countries of Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, where this city depends on the French language as the main language.

The immigration program is different from that of other Canadian cities. Immigration can be applied to a city like Canada’s Morden.

 which has a population of just 9,000, making many jobs available to immigrants, especially for blacksmiths, factory workers, school teachers, and universities.

There is also lMIA visa, which is granted to immigrants to work in a company or office within Canada on the condition that the employer from inside Canada sends a request to the Canadian Embassy in the employee’s country.

Why Arabs prefer to immigrate to Canada

immigrate to Canada for the Arabs, Canada has a large Arab community, and there are thousands of Arab immigrants from all countries, whether from Asia or Africa, especially North Africa.

There are many Arabs in French-speaking cities such as Quebec. The Canadian people are also very friendly with immigrants.

 Integration with the Canadian people is easy. The Canadian government is trying to facilitate admission to Canadian universities for Arabs and immigrants in general and allows them to work in all jobs without restrictions.

It is recommended that you have at least one year of professional experience to ensure admission to Canada.

A certificate of proficiency in English or French is also recommended. Having a bank account of $ 10,000 to ensure personal costs for one year from the date of travel to Canada. Immigration applications for those over the age of 46 or those under 18 are not accepted.

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